Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going, going.... GONE!

Looking at the market sentiments, I really doubt there's any chance the market will bottom out anytime soon. That spells trouble, big trouble... at least for me. The good news for me is the fact that I still have a job. A job that is away from home though. But these days the prospect of jobless and penniless frightens me more than the prospect of lonely and away from home.

Let me work out my sums... if I do go back to school I will have school fees and living expenditures to contend with... thats around SGD60,000. With the market here I probably can take around SGD140,000 back to Singapore by the time I sell the flat here, that is provided nothing stupendous appear within the next 6-8 months. The remaining SGD80,000 will go into savings, remainder of the downpayment for the new flat and renovations. Ideally I can take back like SGD180-200k so there's a buffer should the economy remain bad and I cannot find a job after graduation.

Oh dear... talking about graduation even before I start school... Anyway I've earned enough working in HK these few years, both in monetary terms as well as experience-wise. Met alot of people, both good and bad. But the defining factor that decides whether I leave or stay is actually the amount of money I take back to Singapore. And I've decided.

The minimum sum : SGD140,000

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