Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hey hey Robbie~

Caught Tropic Thunder today. Wasn't as funny as I expected but was good entertainment alright~ For a moment I didn't even know the movie had already started! The trailers and the drink advert were really a nice act. In my opinion Robert Downey Jr. was the best of the lot. His Australian-African-American role was really good acting. Jack Black was funny as well.

Watched the Ms International Pageant on TVB. Quite a few thunder thighs and monstrous boobs. Some of those sitting around the VIP tables looked better than Ms. Singapore. REALLY poor stuff. Alternating that with Minority Report on TVB Pearl. First time watching that and I rather enjoyed it. First watched Cruise on Top Gun... "Danger Zone... " STOP THAT MUSIC IN MY BRAIN!!! ARGHHH!!!

Now Liverpool leading 2-0 against West Brom. Robbie Keane scored 2 with his left foot. Happy for him. Really happy for him. I think Benitez likes really hardworking strikers. If I were to select a trio of strikers to finish a 3 x 8km race then Robbie Keane, Dirk Kuyt and Fernando Torres will be my number 1 choice. Manchester United's strikeforce will be my second if Berbatov's out of the reckoning.

I guess there will be 2-3 more goals in the second half. Ok its starting!!! "Danger zo~~~~ooo~~~~~nnnneeeee~~~~"

Oh yeah the weather turned cool today! Yeah~

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