Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Was in Macau over the weekend. Uncle arrived on Saturday but I was in Macau since Friday. An ex-colleague working at the Venetian managed to get a room for me at staff rate~ Fantastic room with a lousy view. Had one of my best sleep in recent memory. And had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant (Botafogo?) with really really great looking service staff... unfortunately the good looking ones were the guys. But great food and the dessert was out of this world~

Frankly speaking Macau has nothing much to over me. Sure they have MGM and Wynn but apart from gambling all over stuffs look like Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City. The rooms look fantastic (if you are not staying at one of those usual Mainland tour hotels) but the prices are fantastic as well. And the air was just as polluted, if not more polluted than Shenzhen.

Anyway a few pictures from the trip below~

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