Saturday, November 15, 2008

Motion pictures

How many of us can still remember those re-runs of Charlie Chaplin movies on television? I bet most kids these days have never ever seen anything more than a minute of Charlie's works. But why bring him up?

The global recession is upon us. Hollywood may not be able to produce many more multi-million dollar productions with mindless expenditures. What do I mean by mindless expenditures? Let's look at 2 movies. Every cent spent on special effects for LOTR was necessary. It brought the viewer into a fantasy world with believeable talking trees and giant eagles. The bombing run during the opening of Tropic Thunder wasn't necessary in my opinion. Die-hard yes Lethal Weapon yes Tropic Thunder NO!

Truth is, There's Something about Mary cost approx. 20% of Tropic Thunder to produce and drew in quite a substantial figure. Mary wasn't a great movie but it did the job. I don't think Tropic Thunder will bring in as much as Mary. Really a shame as it has so many big names on the project.

Perhaps this global recession will bring the movie industry more quality.

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