Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of Obamas and Obasans~

Like I predicted, Obama got the vote. I think the smarter people voted for him because they are hoping that he will bring the change that will prevent an even bigger disaster. Most of the cowboys voted for McCain... quite a maverick... you don't want your chief executive to be a cowboy and launch that nuclear duck, do you?

Contrary to my predictions, the HSI went up this morning. I cannot understand why stocks will go up because of an election but I'm glad my predictions were wrong. At least now my MPF will have a bit more value when its time for me to withdraw them.

Now that elections are over the media will give Obama a few days of honeymoon. They will start to attack him on a daily basis. Blame him for the ailing economy. Blame him for not bringing home the soldiers. Blame him for not taxing Joe the Plumber. Its the Blame Game~

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