Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Switch sides, turncoat, whatever~

Not too many years ago, many Americans were screaming for blood. Blood for the culprits who brought down WTC in NY. Years later they cried for blood again. This time they wanted their children back home because they were fighting a war that will never end.

There's no perfect president nor perfect decisions. US found Saddam but they didn't find the WMD which they claimed were in Iraq. Bin Laden is still somewhere out there. The WTC is still in a rubble. The world economy is in shambles.

Tomorrow, some people in America will celebrate while others will weep, for a new President will plan for his move into the White House. Obama or McCain, years down the road Americans will be saying "I told you so" wherever you go.

Stock market? I only see a downside pattern. I'm putting 50 dollars on it. Any takers?

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