Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a bad streak...

Just a few months ago I was contemplating admission to hospital for a full body checkup on my little heart scare. Little did I expect myself to be going in and out of hospital for the last 3 days. Being able to walk in and out means that I wasn't the one being hospitalized. But this little episode has traumatized me enough to plan a shift back to Singapore ASAP. Having to keep a secret, not knowing what the hell is happening and still must act composed. Tough deal.

When SARS hit Singapore 5 years ago, everything felt so distant. People were dying but since it didn't affect anybody I know, it just felt like it wasn't any of my business. This time it struck someone close. It isn't SARS (Not really sure though... hell~ even the doctor still don't know what it is! Rubbish doctors!) but it sure has alot of funny symptoms. But when it struck, it struck swiftly and without warning.

We humans always think we can overcome anything. But when we get hit by sickness (like my little heart scare not too far back), we realise how insignificant we are in this world and how money earned can be lost so fast so easily. Sure a common bed in a government hospital can be fully covered by the insurance but you can never deny a patient's request for better accomms. Not when she is someone important in your life. And if that few thousand dollars will make her feel better physically, emotionally and mentally, then its jolly good money well spent in my opinion. All I want is a happy and healthy person discharged.

A little piece of good news. My lawyer informed me that the official TOP for my new apartment has always been 30 June 2009 and will still be 30 June 2009. That means I can get my loan application done, approved and go back to school as per plan. All I need is a bank who is willing to loan me the money... but hey~ I can always sell the place~ The recent valuation just reported that the asset is worth 20% more than what I paid for in the first place.

To all my friends out there : Don't let money issues bog you down. The world is too beautiful and life is too precious to let a few pieces of notes bring you down.

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