Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"I know you can see the hospital, just call 999!"

Back from Korea. Weather there... -9 degree C. Here in Hong Kong it is 10+ degrees. Somehow it feels warm here. More on that in later posts. Apart from disappointing soccer results, there were many news which caught my attention.

This article confirms that HK is in a third-world medical state. Imagine yourself, within steps away from the hospital doors, approaching a security guard/clerk for assistance and he tells you the following, "Sir, you will need to call an ambulance." You wait for death while the services despatch an ambulance from their station.

24 minutes later you are in the hospital, watching your lifeless body from somewhere under the ceiling, cursing and swearing at those stupid staff with a lack of initiative, a lack of brains and a lack of human touch.

But hey~ this is Hong Kong~

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