Friday, December 5, 2008

Incompetent? Most of the times... but...

I've always been a HKGov-basher. And recently the number of bashers have increased here in HK. Many here in HK are pinning the blame on the HKGov for the death of the poor chap who died while rushing from Bangkok to Phuket for a flight home. He died in a traffic accident.

So what if the HKGov chartered flights to Phuket? There wasn't any other airport open and he must make the trip down to Phuket, no? Are they expecting the HKGov to charter 1st class tour buses and wait for them in Bangkok's airport as well? Rush people down to Bangkok airport and search for HKers, informing them of the flights available in Phuket? What if the members of the support team met with any mishaps? The critics may very well turn in the other direction and blame HKGov for spending resources in a financial downturn and risking HKers lives.

It's a crisis~ Look, even if the man was rushing for a charter flight, he would have died as well. Or people expect that chartered flights will give that man more will power to survive?

I think alot of these critics won't even stand a chance in a class of 7-year-olds. So if you want to call the HKGov incompetent, there are many other issues...


littlecartnoodles said...

The saying, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." describes the daily dilemmas faced by the HK Govt.

Even if the Govt had chartered planes to pick up stranded HKers, I'd bet that there'll be people whining about not getting good seats/no mileage/lousy inflight entertainment.

Those loud-mouthed whiners in LegCo like Wong "Banana Man" Yuk-Man and Long Hair are really good at criticising but you can be sure that they'll be hardly more competent if they ever get a chance to run things for a change.

No wonder smart and competent people in HK are reluctant to serve in the Govt.

Reddie said...

Well, at least your statement here is tolerated... Won't be much of the same back home. :)

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