Friday, December 5, 2008

Naruto on PS3!

The game is quite addictive. The starting arc, whereby you are sent to missions to learn how to perform simple tasks, was kind of slow and repetitive. But you must get through those stages to earn enough missions points to progress to the later missions.

I think its from the 3rd arc onwards when one get to battle 300ft monsters. Now that's really where the fun begins! I'm not really a fan of 1-to-1 fighting in the game although its quite fun pulling off ninjutsu (Mashing buttons in a sequence which is different every time) and watching the anime. But fighting the big monsters is really a different thing altogether~

The 1st half of the fight is pretty much like the 1-to-1 fighting engine, just a much larger opposition. Halfway through the fight it becomes pretty much like watching the anime (the graphics in the game is so good you feel like you are watching anime all the time... ) and you have to react to a series of button-mashing or entering a sequence of buttons to pull off or evade attacks. Failing it and you get a hit, pulling it off and you will be rewarded with more glorious animation of your character hitting the big baddies.

I'm glad I bought this game. I'm glad I bought COD. I'm not so sure on LittleBigPlanet though... Maybe I need to spend a little bit of time to see what all this hype is all about. Maybe I should get Resistance 2 or Motorstorm 2 on the way home tonight...

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