Monday, December 15, 2008

Not that really p*sses me off!

Took the taxi to work this morning. Alighted at a heavy junction. A HKD30.00 fare on the meter, I gave the driver HKD50. He returned me HKD13.00. Last I remember a HKD37.00+ fare will work out to around HKD40.00+ on the new fare scheme. Another lazy morning with the taxis... But once again, I didn't have to queue-jump against queue-jumpers for my taxi this morning. The good, the bad and the money-faced taxi-drivers... Oh well...

Went to Disneyland on Saturday. Reaffirmed my opinion that it is much smaller than the one in Tokyo (even without taking Disneysea into the comparison). And one of the warmest December in recent years made the experience forgettable. It is really a Disneyland made for China... at HK prices. HKD350 for entrance in HK against nearly HKD500 for Tokyo (which will only get you into either Land or Sea), one can't really compare the 2.

Another weekend of underperforming top teams in the EPL. This might be the one... underperforming Liverpool need the whole EPL to be underperforming to win the league... Very different from the team of the 80s. But then again footballers in this century are playing more games per season, with faster balls and getting killed faster with internet spreading gossips at lightning speed.

And who audited the auditors who audited Madoff?

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