Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PS3 Gaming review 2008

Last days of the year. Been watching news programmes giving recaps of the major happenings in 2008. Financial tsunami, earthquakes, flooding in Myanmar/burma, Hollywood actors returning to space and so on. My own review of 2008 will be a tribute to the PS3. Over the last couple of months, apart from a special someone, it was this little powerful monster which turned my nightmare into daylight.

Starting off with games which I have not gotten...

1) Fallout 3

2) Valkyria Chronicles

3) Motorstorm - Pacific Rift

Of the 3, I'm really looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles. Really the type of game I'm into, strategy war games. Still don't know much about Fallout 3 but the hype about it is enough to get me interested. And one really need a decent racing game, and MSPR got enough good reviews to tempt my wallet.

Now let me see the games which I've gotten this year.... sorted by purchase date:
1) Ghost Recon 2 - Advanced Warfighter [X]
2) Dynasty Warriors 5 [X]
3) GTA IV [X]
4) Assassin's Creed
5) Call of Duty - Modern Warfare [X]
6) Call of Duty - World at War
7) Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm [X]
8) LittleBigPlanet [X]
9) Resistance 2
10) Metal Gear Solid 4 - Sons of the Patriots

[X] denotes completion of at least 1 storyline in game

My top 3 games for the year:

1) MGS4

2) LittleBigPlanet


Tied for 4th will be the 2 Call of Duty games, Naruto and Resistance 2. Looking at the list, I can't help but notice alot of 3rd person and/or war games, no strategy games, no RPGs and no sports.

All in all a great year for PS3. What's next? I really have no idea but I enjoy the feeling of not having enough money to buy games I want, definitely way more than I like the feeling of having already gotten all the games that I want... PS3 owners will know that feeling....

Here's to a great gaming 2009~

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