Thursday, December 11, 2008


After the 2nd price increase in a year, I can say that taxis in HK are becoming too expensive. And after getting hijacked on more than 1 occasion since the price revision, I've decided that I will try to cut down on taxi rides from 2009.

Not sure if any of you out there realise that it is easier to flag a taxi down these days. Business seems to have taken a hit for taxi dudes since the price amendment. Why wouldn't it... a HKD30+ ride to office weeks ago has turned into a nearly HKD50 ride recently. And they are purposely making schoolboy mistakes, taking me on longer routes or into heavily congested region even when I have informed them of the route to take (and which they acknowledged! Now that's infuriating!). And just last night I was on a taxi with a driver who stank. It was as if he had been staying in the car for weeks and have not taken a shower...

Any sympathy for the taxi drivers? Nope. Not at all. Green, red or blue taxis. I don't care. I will continue to call the uncle with the discount taxi when I need to go to the airport. At least he give better services.

And the free economy of HK allowed petrol stations to keep the price of petroleum at its peak. You mean HK petrol stations are still paying the same USD150/barrel price to their sources?

Cutting bus rebates, increasing taxi fares for short rides, high petrol prices... Oh well... life just gets tougher... and the chickens must get the dreaded H5N1 now.


"me-no-mad" said...

Yeah HK must have gotten the brillant idea from sg for the price hike...

U know if the cab doesnt go via the route u specifically told them, u have every right not to pay the full meter fare.

When I encounter cab driver who does that (very rare), I immed inform the cab driver of the wrong route very indignantly and looked pissed, they always give me discount rate later or an amount that I know will get me to that destination. I wont budge and they cannot do anything because they get more shit if i call HQ and complain.

But u need to tell them u spot the mistake the min they make it and not at destination. Its harder to haggle. haaaa haaa

No matter, I still prefer taking cab in HK. even without the hike, its soooo much easier to grab one

littlecartnoodles said...

My daily taxi ride back home from the office has risen from an avg of HK$27 to $33 - about a 22% increase. (I take my building's shuttle bus to work in the mornings)

Still, give me the easy availability of HK's taxis any time over those in SG, with their inexcusable scarcity during peak hours and complicated fare structures.

I'll even be willing to consider paying an extra $1 if the HK cabbies would say "Thank you" when I pay them, esp when they get to keep some change. (SG cabbies on the other hand, will always give you back your change and thank you if you tell them to keep it)

"me-no-mad" said...

must be those peak hour and hence u get all the crappy drivers... haa haa...most HK driver do thank me when i let them keep the change. only few black sheep... funny how we can get such different experience on the same island with the "same" cab company...

incidentally, i have sworn off sg cab unless its emergency. Its just way way way too expensive short or long distance. and not to mention please, how long can long be in sg?

WhiteDuskRed said...

Actually if you stay long enough, you can actually make out a whisper of a thank-you. I think they are shy. Or probably just shocked to be able to keep the change.

Compared to restaurants, I tip taxi drivers quite generously (in terms of percentage). Those that make me feel as if I'm sitting in a limo will definitely get to keep the change (which is tipping in my dictionary).

But are there too many traffic lights in HK or those taxi drivers just love to alternate between their 2 pedals all the time?

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