Friday, January 9, 2009

Metal Gear sells PS3

Taken from Wikipedia :

"The PS3, which usually sells nearly 10,000 units in a given week, went on to sell 77,208 units in MGS4's debut week."

Those people won't regret their decision.

On another note, the head of the I.T. development team in HQ who i respect alot kind of spoke out for my welfare this morning. Not aggressively speaking up for me but, coming from him, thinking for my welfare is something which I really appreciate. He felt that it was quite pitiful (可哀相) for me to carry the burden for somebody else's initial mistake. It's the little things like this which give me a little bit of boost in the lift-me-up tank. At least there is someone in HQ who remember me and will think for me...

D&D tonight... is it HK's local culture or just my company that we do it before the CNY instead of the end of a calendar year? Still suffering from a terrible throat... alcohol will probably multiply my problems...

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