Thursday, January 15, 2009


I can't seem to get myself motivated at work these days. Mistakes are mounting. I am writing alot of stuffs on paper which I'm going to do. Problem is I'm not getting myself to work on it. No organization will not collapse without any one person. I concur with that statement. It's a good thing since by recognising that I can quit with a peace of mind.

Motivation is one thing, showing some level of professionalism is another. Even without motivation, I'm sure there is a need to show a certain level of professionalism even without motivation, no? As the days go by, I'm losing the very last of my principles in my position.

Couldn't recall the 7 core values in the army... so I checked it out in Mindef website :
Loyalty to Country
Fighting Spirit
Care for Soldiers

In the workplace it's more or less the same, just substituting "Country" with "Company", and "Soldiers" with "Employees".

Loyalty to Company - Alot more traitors in the working world. I think I have shown enough loyalty so far.

Leadership - Can't really say I've shown the level of leadership I've wanted. Just sent my staff to ITIL courses recently. If I can't knock some senses into them I might as well let some courses fill their brains with the right mentality. I myself have not really been shown any directions from HQ either. Its more or less develop your own doctrine until something cocks up.

Discipline - Really no discipline. Surfing the net most of the time. Need to work on that a bit more. Reduce surfing time by 20% is a good target.

Professionalism - Trying to maintain. Hopelessly trying. At least I'm showing up on time and leaving on time. Rectifying all my mistakes and not walking away from any.

Fighting Spirit - Fighting to stay awake until 5:30pm everyday. Does that count? Other than that I'm not displaying anything. I'll happily take the blame for anything these days.

Ethics - What's ethics anyway? Right conduct and correct way of life? I'm sure I have. I think I have. I do have... right?

Care for Employees - The company is caring for my welfare by giving me a job and the minimum of minimum welfare stipulated. Isn't that wonderful? To have a job? And I don't abuse my staff, taking care of them and asking them nicely to do their job.

Reviewing all that, it all boils down to me, as a person, showing some levels of decency at doing my job professionally. Looking at the counter on the right, it shows some 100+ days left, taking away weekends and P.Holidays. Surely I have enough in me to leave a positive image before I take off from this sorry place. If I cannot get enough motivation from work then I got to find motivation from else where...

Found motivation - that is to get a 5.1 Dolby Surround sound system to complement my PS3. Can't wait to play Metal Gear one more time with the sound system. Actually... I can't wait to play Metal Gear again so I started on a higher difficulty last night. This time I play to kill every single PMC soldier. Love the fact that you can bring over the weapons from your last completion~ And when I'm complete here I'm going to download the Metal Gear series of maps on LBP~

Motivate motivate motivate~ MGS4 is my motivation now!

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