Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank you, Dastardly @#$%^, for showing me something positive~

So the error the other day has started to haunt me... the relevant Japanese manager came over and wanted to know "who was responsible". Me, being the helpdesk, the facilitator, the programmer and the manager, took responsibility. Throughout the ordeal his tone was more of finding fault with my department (or rather, just me) than trying to find and fix the root cause. There is a system in place for them to check if their orders are in the system but they chose to check after like 2 months? Nearly all other sales groups will inform us within 1-2 days if there are irregularities in the system and we will fix it ASAP. Not this group. But thats the world for you, isn't it?

Gave the local salesman a little PR call this morning offering help, or whatever I can do to lighten their load with this problem. Really no fault of this guy at all but he was still being nice and telling me not to worry. This same guy is sourcing all over our other offices in Asia for stocks. He is probably cursing me under his breath right now.

This morning I have started planning for a system to check all their orders. Being upset and all bothered over the issue won't help matters. Finding a long-term cure for the problem and preventing a reoccurance is something positive which I have taken from this little episode. I'm not too worried about repercussions (after brooding over it all night), since everyone know that they are supposed to check their orders in the system the very next day.

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