Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Useless piece of !@#$

Why did Israel decide to roll into the Gaza piece? Simply because they know they cannot rely on any idiots anywhere to stop the rockets from dropping on their head. Now that they have gotten everyone's decision, it seems like everyone has forgotten who started shooting rockets in the first place.

Israel says no pullout unless no more rockets and no more rearms for Gaza. Gaza says no stopping. Suppose Israel give in and pull out before the rocket attacks stop, will they stop the rockets? I bet my balls no. Will the Israelis move out if Gaza promise the world they will stop the rockets and some friends of Gaza promise not to send them any more rockets? I bet my underwear yes.

So why not U.N. start talking to Gaza and make them agree to the 2 conditions? Then what next? Israel happy with the outcome, pull out of Gaza and a few days later rockets come flying into onto their rooftops again. And where does that leave the U.N.? Oh just another bunch of disgraced officials.

Betting on rockets throughout 2009.

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