Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's the next game?

Finished MGS4 over the weekend. The ending was about an hour long and you will miss out the final ending if you shutdown your PS3 after the 1st credits start to roll. I'm contemplating replaying the game all over again, this time killing every soldier I see in the field instead of trying to sneak past them. Make a point to gather as many ration as possible. Should be easier since I've figured out the strategy to take out all the bosses.

Been playing alot of Advanced Wars on the NDSL lately but its about time I move on to other games as well... Replaying Chrono Trigger on the DS sounds like a good change. Unlike strategy games, most games won't last longer than 10 minutes for me on the DS.

Had the company annual dinner last Friday. Nothing special. Nothing outstanding. First time in 4 years that I played mahjong. Dinner was boring. Winning 2 tickets to Ocean Park in the lucky draw was the downpoint of the whole event for me. Probably my last dinner and really nothing I am going to miss. Prince Edwards for more drinks after the dinner. Also nothing special. Alot of people finding different ways to drink themselves stupid. Glad I only have to do this only a few times a year.

Weather in HK going to be under 10 degrees. Living near the sea, having a cold floor and the lack of a heated toilet seat are things that make me yearn for the hot tropics. A day in one of those massage centres in SZ will be nice as well. Anywhere that let me get out of all these layers of clothings and still feel warm enough.

Singapore in 9 days...

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