Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's perfect?

A few weeks ago I was fed up with having to deal with everything in the IT department and having to deal with all the EDI stuffs myself, especially after a little cock-up. I've been teaching a staff the EDI basics for months but it will be several more months before she can handle everything on her own. Sometimes I feel like a one-man band. Any mistake will be amplified because all eyes will be on you. Wouldn't it be nice to have a big orchestra?

Last week I finally gotten my answer. A big MNC, with whom we have EDI transactions with, finally came back with excuses reasons answers why we have been double-billing them (after several months of claiming that it was our fault). It appears that their EDI system have a tendency to send duplicate messages to their ERP system, thus the issue of duplicate invoices.

Took them whole of 2 weeks to check, identify and rectify the problem. Reading their e-mail I'm still wondering who they are trying to push the blame to... written in such a way that a 3rd-party would have gotten the impression that we have been sending the duplicate messages to them. For me, I just thanked them and asked them if all the problem transactions will be rectified. Their enthusiasm to rectify the problems already absolved me from any responsibility. One-man band versus EDI team with dedicated team of programmers, helpdesk officers and managers for each continent. Score 1 for me.

So is a one-man band better? Definitely shorter reaction time. But the full load of work over several shoulders is welcomed anytime. Just another small item on my job scope which spans several pages...

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