Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The exchange rate for SGD vs HKD is now 5.09. Apart from a little trip to that little in Nov 2008, it has not seen the 5.0 levels since mid 2007. I'm having a feel that it will go back to 4.6-4.7 levels. If that's the case I will be...!!!

And on top of that my DAV-IS50 will be delivered tonight! Hello 5.1~ My new living/entertainment zone will be completed once I plug them all in. I just need to get an digital optical cable for setup... must remember to get that cable during lunchtime... Got the speakers for 15% off RRP. I think I could have gotten a better deal if I was a bit more patient but... I'M NOT PATIENT!!!

The speakers cost SGD800 in SG, equals to HKD4080. I spent HKD4280. Canon Powershot E1 cost HKD1500+ in HK and just SGD240(HKD1250) in SG... and even if that was before tax its still only HKD1300+. Perhaps I should try to import some electronics from Singapore the next time I go back...

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