Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back in HK~

Finally back in HK. Flying in last afternoon I was able to catch the skyline of the city from my seat. Really an amazing view with all the skycrapers. A real pity that the whole place is perpetually covered in a smog. Was in Shenzhen this morning to check on the progress of the network infrastructure in the new office. Left Shenzhen with a make-up of dust all over my face. I figured the renovation work in the office only contributed to half layer, the rest came about by simply walking from office to MTR station. And just 1 day ago I was in sunny Singapore, enjoying the clear skies and cool breeze.... arghhh~

So what have I achieved during the 10 days in SG?
- Became a shareholder of 2 companies
- Setup a new home computer network
- Fixed a computer
- Half-forgiven my brother
- Visited the Botanical Gardens
- Visited and had lunch at Dempsey Hill
- Ate so much I need a new tummy.

A list of food tasted within the last 10 days:
- Kway Chap
- Char Kway Teow
- MacDonald's Chicken Foldover
- Fishball Meepok
- Mi Chiam Kuay
- Fried Hokkien Mee
- Sugar Cane Juice
- Satay
- Teh Tarik
- Roti Prata
- Murtabak
- Fried Bee Hoon
- 1/2 BBQ Chicken Rice
- Ngoh Hiang
- Muah Chee
- Kueh Tutu
- Chilli Crab
- Pepper Crab
- Mutton Soup
- Sting Ray
- Popiah
- Prawn Noodles
- BBQ Chicken Wing
- Yu Sheng
- Kangkong Belachan

And today I finished it all off with nasi lemak for dinner at Toastbox Tsim Sha Tsui.

Not a bad holiday at all but back to work now. Cost reduction inititives, internal audits, annual audits... and then a shift for SZ office. Really bad timing to move to a high-end location. Want to save money? Pair single expats together to cut rental costs. Auditors... never loved those creatures... clowns...

I'm dreaming of my next holiday to a beach destination. Okinawa or Sanya? Okinawa is on top at the moment but the yen is terribly intimidating... but maybe in 2-3 months' time I might find myself in t-shirt and shorts again~~~


Reddie said...

walao, envy, man! just the list of food to make any true-blue Singaporean lao-nuah...

WhiteDuskRed said...

Yesh! I deliberately listed down everything I ate on my phone so that I can make any true-blue Singaporean overseas reading my blog to lao-nuah~ hahaha~

From another angle, you can use this list, expand it with your favourite stall and hunt for your fave Singapore when you go back! In a way I'm serving the public!

"me-no-mad" said...

Sigh..u JUST have to tempt us with food...damn u damn yooooooouu (^-^)
At least write down in brackets WHERE you ate them mah!!! so that we can profit from your list!!!

so how is singapore? Seeing MORE people loittering in the streets from being out of work?

WhiteDuskRed said...

Loitering from being out of work? NO! Every shopping centre was crowded, BMW 7 series all over the roads overtaking me, and kids all having flashier mobile phones than me! News reported that Chinatown having such a good year that most shops closed even before midnight compared to 3-4am in previous years.

Best bit of Singapore - Walk in Botanical Gardens and lunch at Dempsey Hills. Peace, quiet and clean.

Best best bit - People stand in one corner (most likely beside a bin with an ashtray) to smoke, and not walk around puffing away. You know that feeling... I had sniffs of 3 different cigarettes within a 50m walk along Canton Road last night...

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