Monday, February 16, 2009

Big house with a pool...

This morning's blog-surfing was really rewarding. Some new information about Black and White houses from Gweipo's blog, then a link to another blog called on the Go with Bo! And all that reminded me that I have some photos to upload from my last trip back to SG~

Dempsey Hill -

Botanical Gardens -

My new place (definitely behind schedule) -

Ducktour ride, see Singapore from land and sea in 1 trip! -

Durian stall along Geylang -

Red lanterns at the River Hongbao 2009 -


Reddie said...

Have they started charging for entry to the Botanic Gdns? Last I went some time ago I think that was in the grand plan...

Dempsey Hill seems to be the really 'in' place now. It even appears in most tourist guidebooks I browse in HK!

WhiteDuskRed said...

No charge whatsoever except for parking and entry to the National Orchid Garden.

Dempsey Hill need more work. But then again if they work on it the whole place will look like the rest of the city so... maybe its better to keep it rustic... Good place to just sit down and while your day away with a cup of tea~

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