Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cost reduction and avoidance

Each member of the newly formed cost reduction committee was tasked to come up with 10 ideas to reduce cost. Uh... use less toilet paper to pad my bra when I go drag? Seriously there are many ways to reduce cost, some painful and some not painful. I can think of many ideas which will make those expats in my company hurt like a needle in their ****, but most of the top management here are expats as well...

Note: I'm employed under local terms so anything that affect expats don't affect me. Pretty~

So on my quest for non-offensive ideas I came upon a few links :
- Office Cost Reduction Measures
- Computers and Saving Electricity

There are many more but I lost track of them. Switching off power of the PC at the mains after work and powering off the monitor during lunch time are some of the most popular suggestions around the internet. For a company with hundreds of PCs, that's something like tens of dollars a day in savings. Saving the earth as well~

I think this financial crisis is in a way saving us all. People save, cut down on flights and travel, cut down on wastage. The environment will benefit most from this economic downturn.

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