Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Air~

Following up on hkorbust's comment on my previous Air~ post:

"The high density of particulates might help him to jump higher, I wonder?"

In my opinion, the drag due to the particles in the air will far outweigh whatever lift the heavier air will bring. Maybe shorter and higher flight?

On another note, these 2 days I have alot of users trying their luck with settings in their outlook. And calling us when they lose their mails or are unable to send/receive mails. One apparently deleted a few folders and blamed it on the PC. Outlook do have such problems but I sincerely believe she WAS the problem because she politely declined when we offered to retrieve the lost e-mails from archive. Usually they will be screaming and shouting and causing a ruckus... declining politely? SHE'S THE PROBLEM!

And another decided to change the settings for her send and receive button until it sent and received nothing. When I interrogated her over the phone, she kept insisting that she didn't make any changes... until the 4th time I asked "Are you sure you didn't make any changes to the settings?" did she say something to the extent of "Wait... maybe I did make some changes yesterday. For a moment I have forgotten all about it." Its infuriating when you know that the problems arose from their itchy fingers. Its volcano-hot when they try to deny it.

Users : Deny at all costs
Support : Suck it all in

When things happen to the PC (or for that matter anything that has an LCD screen), users will approach my department. Sometimes when it is important they will ask funny things like "why didn't you buy insurance for that hardware/software/service in the first place?"

Insurance... (^ ^;) I'm still getting that term from the Japanese once in a while...

User : "Notebook down, 悲しい, have 保険(insurance)?"

Me : "Yes, we bought insurance for it. But since there's no death or broken limbs we cannot make any claims. Why not you try jumping out of the window right this moment?"

But recently I felt very ashamed of my little imaginery dialogue above. There is this guy working in my company who suffered a mild stroke recently. He dropped his laptop because he couldn't enough channel the energy to the fingers, dropped the machine and thus the damaged LCD screen.

So what's the moral behind this story? Suck whatever fresh air I can find in HK in, enjoy life, enjoy work (as much as humanly possible) and be glad that I'm still not making any major 保険(insurance) claims. Oh! And alot of PC users in my company are rats!

Peace my friends~

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