Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new speaker system?

Been thinking of getting a DTS 5.1 speaker system to complement my PS3 and 32" Samsung LCD TV. Saw these speakers and fell in love. A great thing about these speakers is the fact that the rear speakers can be wireless if I'm willing to spend another HKD800 on a transmitter. I know its a waste of money considering I only have 100sqft of living room to play with, but thinking ahead when I move back to Singapore to a 300sqft living room it should be money well spent.


Some people tell me to be careful with my spendings, especially so in this economic crisis period, while others tell me its the best time to buy since everything is going for cheap. If I'm going against my nature then I will be agreeing with the latter. I have always been careful with money so why stop now? Maybe its because I've finally realized that I have been working too hard for my family and never really taken care of my own interests. If S never gotten the PS3 for me on my birthday (Thank you~!) I don't think I would have gotten it in the first place.

What do we live for? What do we work for? Do we have a 10-minute ending sequence and rolling credits at the end of our lives before we step into heaven/hell? Or perhaps at the end of it all its just the reset button and we play "Days of our Lives" albeit its going to be part 2,990,991 instead of 2,990,990?

Oh well, I suppose each of us will have a chance to find out for ourselves. For now let's just enjoy the time we are living, shall we? By that I mean spending within your means and not burn all your savings on a super car!

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