Monday, February 16, 2009

What's in taking unpaid leave?

Went for the monthly managers' meeting this morning. Glad to see nodding heads all round when the introduction of my new program was on screen. Don't know how much money it will save for the company but I'm slightly glad inside for the lousy market, since most of the attendees would not have paid as much attention if the company is still making big money.

Like other companies out there, this company is taking preemptive steps to cut cost. Forcing unpaid leaves on HQ staff and staff seconded from HQ are being contemplated. Personally I think that no one really loses in this arrangement. Anyway if the company were to collapse, everyone will be forced to take forced unpaid leaves FOREVER. Not in such dire straits yet but this has always been a cautious company. I like it safe~

Supposedly they request for volunteers to take 2-3 days of unpaid leaves a month, I'll still be taking in quite a handsome paycheck each month. On top of that I can go golfing for much less. In a way I might be able to work it to my advantage. Considering the number of people who have taken ill and sent back to their home country is rising exponentially, due to overwork or any other strange reasons, 2-3 unpaid leaves a month seems like a good deal to me.

So what's so bad about unpaid leaves? Probably a few phonecalls here and there from the office... but my hearings not that good since coming to HK and I don't carry my handphone with me when I go golfing so...

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