Friday, March 6, 2009

Back in HK Office... again~

2nd day in HK office this week. 5th day of work this week. Last day of work for 12-13 colleagues... Retrench is the most popular word in town.

"Will we be retrenched?"
"Will I be retrenched?"
"I'm retrenched!"
"Who's retrenched?"
"No retrenchment... yet?"

Feel sorry for those guys but with most of the sales moving up north together with our main customers, there's really no justification for keeping them. Thank China for an unreliable IT infrastructure and ever-changing rules, that I can keep my IT team in HK.

But they are catching up... the fibre opt internet connection in the new Shenzhen office, not available as the building in the old office couldn't support the technology, is fast and reliable. Fast and reliable... something you don't associate with internet connectivity in China. But the Great Firewall is still there so certain websites are still pretty much impossible to access... unless you have *ahem* other means of reaching your destination~

Anyway, until lunch time everything went according to my schedule yesterday. Went for lunch with my SZ IT staff and a salesman from HK based in DG. Maojia dishes. Basically cuisines from the Hubei/Hunan provinces, spicy and delicious. Not easy to find spicy food of such quality in HK.

Then the rain started to pour... and pour it did. The roads were flooded and we reached our client's factory 10 minutes late. And the place was like an army camp. Easily the size of a division size camp. How many people will lose their livelihood if one of these companies go bust? I cannot imagine...

The meeting/seminar was pretty straightforward and we left within an hour. Travelled for 2-3 hours just for a 45-min catchup? Sigh... Nearly took the company car back to Shenzhen but decided to take the Guangzhou-Shenzhen bullet train instead. 20 minutes journey for 40RMB. Sweet. So tired that I nearly fell asleep while standing in the crowded train from Lo Wu to Mong Kok. Got a fabulous KFC takeaway for dinner.

I hate the travelling part of my job...

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