Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back in HK Office...

Finally back in HK office. I never want to go back to Shenzhen office because I feel like I'm dealing with a totally different breed there. But I have instructions to go up there once a week... and the head of the office also requested me to go up more often... I guess it makes sense since most of the sales operations have shifted over. Sigh~

When I was working in Singapore I thought the Admin & HR there were shit... After posting to HK I thought Singapore was heaven. And when I work in Shenzhen I realise that from heaven to hell it is a flight from south up.

Another classic day today. In an attempt to save money, the administration department managed to fail to order printer toners. Then a mini-war was waged, between a sales manager and the GM of the admin dept (same boss of those SZ bullies), basically an exercise on reminding our admin dept how useless they are~

So where did I come in? Nowhere in particular. I was out of the office and my team managed to complete the setup so that everyone had a printer (with enough ink in the toner) to work with. One of my guys even got a bit of fire from the sales manager, who in a way was apologetic about his tone after I approached him after my trip.

What's wrong with everyone? It seems like most of the people around the office are getting edgy. Or rather just gone stupid? Perhaps job security has something to do with it...? I don't know and I don't feel it. Perhaps that's because I've been working so hard over the past week that I can't even bother to think about it.

Schedule for tomorrow:
0630 - wake-up
0705 - board train at Mong Kok
0800 - board train at Shenzhen Futian MTR
0825 - reach Shenzhen office
1000 - depart for Dongguan office
1100 - reach Dongguan office
1215 - lunch @ MacDonald's
1400 - attend conference @ client office
1600 - board 1614 train bound for HK Hung Hom
1730 - step foot on MTR bound for Mong Kok MTR
1830 - dinner
1930 - ??????

Probably my toughest day this week... followed by 2 working days with the auditors roaming the office... This is going to be a long and tiresome March...


Clarke Thomas said...

I hate having to go to Shenzhen for work as well. I normally stay in Mong Kok or Sha Tin; as my HK office is in Sheung Shui. Anyhow; when I have to go to Shenzhen, I have to bother with the border, jump on the subway and take it 3 stops till the end; then walk about 5 blocks in the scorching temps. Whhich by the time I reach the office, I'm drenched from the humidity.

And while I'm in the SZ office, little is accomplished anyhow. Except with a lot of pressure from the local expat management.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Working with the locals is an art. Most of them have a warped way of thinking. A way of thinking that is more self-orientated than acting on the work at hand.

3 stops till the end means you should be able to visit the Window of the World ever so often... provided you are still willing to walk after the 5 blocks~

I've not been there myself though~

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