Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chinese LCD TV for you?

If you are buying a 40" and above LCD TV for your living room, will you consider one with a Chinese brand? Any Chinese brand.

With so many top brands having a their production lines in China, one would expect Chinese brands to have a ready market. Apparently they have not given consumers enough confidence in their products. In terms of technology they should be nearly there but QA and aftersales service still leaves alot to be desired. When it comes to a 40" LCD TV, I guess not many people will dare to take a chance with a Chinese brand.

Hanging on my wall is a 32" Samsung. I love it but its a little small... My next TV will be at least a 40" Sony Bravia, with a black frame to match my Sony DAV-IS50 and Playstation 3~

And since I gotten the 5.1 system I have been watching DVD every other day. So far I have rented 7 movies from the shop downstairs. The Japanese shows (Tokyo Towers and Heroes) were typical Japanese productions. Nothing outstanding but never disappointing. One sob show and one made for Kimura Takuya fans.
Rating : 7.5 for both.

Watched 4 English shows :
1) Zohan - Adam Sandler + middle eastern terrorist jokes. Tonnes of sex. 6.0
2) Made of Honor - Guy sleeps around with everyone except one female best friend. Girl leaves for Scotland. Guy realises he miss girl. Girl comes back with fiance. Guy trys ways and means to win girl back. Guy wins girl. Happy ending. You've seen it a million times but you still love these kind of movies once in a while. 7.5
3) Goals 2 - Any guy's dream. Playing alongside Beckham, Zidane, Casillas and Raul? Driving a Ferrari? Partying with supermodels? Only in the movies... 7.0
4) Wild Hogs - 4 boring middle-aged men decides to leave everything behind and take a road trip on their bikes across America. Its a whole lot of laughs and makes me want to drive a caravan in New Zealand or Australia like tomorrow... 8.5

By now you will realise that there were only 6 DVDs reviewd. The 7th was a little dirty Japanese flick... involved some whips and an underground cell... No further comments.

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"me-no-mad" said...

I still think there is a difference between CHINA brand vs China made brands. Overseas brand still have a set of QA framwork aligned to their domestic production lines to follow even if their products are made overseas, or at least that is what we like to believe.

China brand however does not have their guidelines to conform to. Where would they know or learn what they should or should not do? Best practices? ISO? Forget it. I doubt they even heard of best practces. So the confidence is simply not there.

Plus if u buy a legi overseas brand, even if it screw up, you have a recourse of taking it up with the parent company who values their names in not being tarnish. They have this disaster recovery back up in line and PR jumbo to appease any potential irate customer.

I rem my friend had a faulty Nokia phone. After a week pass the exchange, the phone gone defected from production fault but the shop refuse to exchange a new one. My friend wrote a long and terse letter with receipt and stuff to the HEAD OFFICE and guess what, they FEDEX a brand new nokia phone to him and apologise for the inconvenience. If you buy something from china brand, you THINK they will even read your letter??????

So there, I will never support China products, not if my life counts on it. It's hard I know but I still intend to boycott it. Many China manufacturers are a disgrace to chinese with their unethical means. So why support them?

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