Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chinese? Woman? Chinese Woman?

Was in Shenzhen for the last 2 days. Moving from a secluded part of Shenzhen to the Suntec-Marina of Shenzhen. From having unknowns as neighbours to sharing the lift with the likes of Sony and Dell. Not the best period of time to upgrade our status...

I was under a lot of stress to make sure everything went smoothly. And as of last evening everything was on time on target until a power failure messed up our PABX system. Now that office can call out to other sites but not the other way around... Who failed to ensure that the electricity work smoothly???

On top of that, part of the plans was for each department to plug in their desktop PCs and telephone themselves. To make a long story short, the 2 x managers in the Admin department made a big fuss about the arrangements and started sweeping the belongings of my only staff in Shenzhen off his desk. And then went on to shout and scold him. All because we rebutted their request to have him plug in the phone lines for them.

"What's the big deal? Just some phone lines can't you people just do it and not make a big fuss?" - You made a big fuss by sweeping other people's belongings. It's not such a big deal so do it yourself, BITCH!

"We would have done it ourselves if we were not moving the things over from the old office!" - You didn't move them! The movers did! You just applied eye, finger and mouth power! My team and I spent the whole day ensuring everything from phone to internet to intranet to every whore equipment in the office worked! I bent over, climbed, used my brain and solved problems for 2 days. You bitches did arse-shit!

"This is not productive at all! I'm not going to talk anymore!" - Losing a debate and that's how you defend your actions? F-off bitches!

Of course I didn't answer them as per the dialogue above. But it was definitely running through my head at one point or another. In the end the verbal fight ended with both managers (both Chinese ladies) in tears. They did their phone lines themselves and privately apologized to my staff.

Even now I'm still awfully pissed by that little episode. In the end my staff decided not to pursue the matter anymore and I've decided to go talk to those bitches privately tomorrow. I want to finish these whole episode by apologizing for my stern tone that day although I did absolutely nothing wrong. I'm not afraid of them because they can't do nothing to me even if they want to. I just don't want my staff's future working life to be awful.

Work is work. No matter how unhappy one was with the arrangements, sweeping other people's belongings off the desk... not acceptable anywhere in this world. Even in the army, news of these goes out and you may get a demotion.

Actually by the end of yesterday they were already cool and looked apologetic. Is this a woman thing? Or is it something to do with them being Chinese? Or it is a combination of Chinese + woman?

0620hrs Reveille
0800hrs Role-call
0830hrs To war
1730hrs Retreat


gweipo said...

Well, you should have seen my male caucasian son this morning when things didn't go his way. He was shouting "I want it now! I want it now" and throwing things and banging doors.
I think it's just human when we're feeling out of control. Of ourselves and of circumstances around us.

I'm trying so hard to help them learn ways to control themselves and their emotions in these times, but it's really tough. Well done to you if you can keep your cool!

WhiteDuskRed said...

Keeping my cool was one thing... In the end I just could not suppress my anger enough to go and talk it out. Apparently they have already gotten a good counselling session with the 2 GMs in the office.

6 months ago I would have beaten those bitches into a pulp... or something that resembles a coconut tree... oh well~

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