Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Woke up at 7+ this morning for the MBA admissions interview at HKUST's business school in Central. Quite a struggle since I only reached home at around 1am last night after a nice steamboat dinner and a massage at a new spa joint in Shenzhen (all in came up to approx. RMB320/head).

Around 25mins after leaving my front door, I found myself standing in front of this building and thinking to myself, "Why am I doing this again?" It was the first MBA interview which was neither through the phone nor done in a group. 2 ladies and me. Don't think I stand a pretty good chance. But then again that was how I felt with all my previous attempts with other institutions. *fingers + toes crossed*

Went home straight after the interview. Went out to catch Dragonball Evolution at around 2. Bought a book on PHP and mySQL at Metro Books before the show. The show? I thought it was pretty good. Just forget the original Dragonball and you might enjoy this. You MUST forget the original Dragonball to enjoy this. I went in because I wanted to see Mr Chow's performance and I wasn't disappointed.

Observed Earth Hour. Don't see too many neighbours making the effort. I guess everyone's given up on saving this SAR. I can't even see ICC from my apartment now when I could see as far as the Peak in the past. The foggy air is not going away anytime soon... or rather, will it ever go away???

England vs Slovakia @ 0100hrs. Come on you lions~

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