Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting accustomed to things...

It seems like everyone around me is getting busier these days. Mostly with work. I guess that is natural with the staff cuts and incentive to keep one's job. When the first round pf staff cuts got rolling I was filled with shock and anger. In the 6 years I've been working in this company, I've heard many people saying that this company will not sack even in bad times, not even once in the past few recessions. I guess there got to be a first for everything... These days I'm not as shocked or as angry.... everything has gotten so routine.

Cannot imagine how these phases in emotion evolved for any soldier involved in WW2 (or any other war). From the first time they saw a dead body (tremble, fear, shiver) to the day they masterminded a massacre (a cigarette to calm the adrenaline). Its scary how easily man can get accustomed to events happening around him.

Been struggling all week with a problem unique to Remote Desktop users in China offices. I have users accessing the server in Shatin HK with no problems from HK(100% ok) and partial success in various sites all over China. Today I arrived in China and started troubleshooting onsite. One moment I get a black screen even before I reach the logon screen and the next moment, after changing certain things on the RDP settings it worked. Save and start again and it failed. Change the credentials again and it worked.

So what did I do that made it work? Well... I just open it, change the credentials... since the default language was simplified Chinese, I got to change the language input before I.... !!! In the end the root cause was the default language set by the user! Set the default language to English and everything worked like a charm!

As a Singaporean working in HK & CHN for a traditional Japanese company, I can only say that this problem is Uniquely Chinese~ And I'm getting quite used to it...


Reddie said...

experience & a little common sense help lots!! tried to help someone on a web application before, but could not get any clue as to what's happening, everyone exasperated...I decided to head down to the terminal in that location myself, and found that the PC was set with a future date, which explained why everything happened the way it did.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Its usually getting my butt down on-site before I can really identify the real problem. Took me 1 week to fix remotely from Hong Kong and with results. Less than 10 minutes in front of an affected user to solve the mystery.

Supporting 7 sites over a 100km radius (and not counting 2 sites in Xiamen and Fuzhou), the biggest challenge is trying to solve all these mysteries remotely. More often than not, the problem lies with users with itchy fingers... and those really pisses me off BIG TIME~ hahaha~

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