Sunday, March 15, 2009

"It's just Hong Kong"

Had dinner a few nights ago at Tanyoto steamboat restaurant with a friend from Singapore. The ingredients were fresh and the soup was surprisingly nice. I never liked the idea of fish stock. Fish curry for roti prata? YUCKS! Overall a pretty good experience. In the end the damage was approximately HKD600 for the 3 of us.

And out of nowhere, I noticed our guest from Singapore was having some throat problems. Usually one would ask something like "are you having a flu?" or "did you see a doctor?" Instead I asked her if she got it in Singapore or Hong Kong. And I wasn't surprised when she told me that the discomfort started once she landed in Hong Kong.

Is the pollution that bad in Hong Kong? I can name some places with a worse record, like Dongguan and Bangkok, but they are not really considered developed cities... Oh well... This is a polluted city alright. No point trying to hide behind the smog...

I'm really wondering if this headache I've been suffering from yesterday morning stemmed from the polluted air... or it is really just the dip in the temperatures...

After dinner we proceeded to Main St Cafe at Langham Place. A place where we could hear each other without shouting. Topics went from Slumdog Millionaire to working in MNCs to mid-life crisis. It was enjoyable talking to someone from your own country. I don't have to do a double-take to make sure that the person understands whatever expletives I belt out... 4 years on, I'm really appreciating the dining options being offered in and around Langham Place.

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