Friday, March 6, 2009

のだめカンタービレ - Nodame Cantabile

Been watching Nodame Cantabile on Animax recenty. Started watching 2 Sundays ago because 1) i was stuck standing in front of the TV ironing my shirts and 2) there was nothing better on TV. But slowly and surely I was attracted to the characters in the anime. And it was not long before I started to check the timings of the shows and make sure I do not miss them (which I managed to because I was so darn tired on Wednesday night that I fell asleep before it started).

And tonight I managed to find a CD, Nodame Cantabile Special BEST! which contains some of the best orchestral and piano performances in the series. The music in the collection is great and reaffirms my belief that the money spent on the sound system was worth every penny.

Had dinner at Sky Bar, located on the top floor of Langham Place. Its a sports bar yet it doesn't feel like one. Had a cold seafood platter, a lobster bisque with seafood for 2, a tapas selection and 2 glasses of lychee daiquiris. Maybe we were early but it felt good to be able to hear the background music and talk to each other without shouting. After dinner we strolled to an ice-cream shop for banana crepes. Some tidbits shopping for the weekend before we head home.

Weather's turning cooler for the weekend. Absolutely wonderful~ Gonna hide under my blanket and wake up tomorrow morning when I feel like waking up~

Have a good weekend everyone!

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