Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Promotion without increment

There was talk of a promotion for one of my staff. A promotion that will most likely be purely a title change with no monetary increment. I'm 100% against the promotion. Although I understand the reason for the promotion (to make her work easier and also as an encouragement to keep up her good work), I feel its unfair to waste her one chance of a visible increment. End of the day her life will be no better should she get promotion in this economic climate.

Promotion with increment - "Why she gets a promotion when the company is retrenching?!?!!"

Promotion without increment - "What an idiot! Fancy getting a promotion without increment! What a loser! Hahaha!"

For the staff its a lose-lose situation. Its unfortunate for her that the market is having a downturn. But I hope she believes me when I say its for her interest that she won't be getting a promotion this year...

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