Monday, March 9, 2009

Why study? Why walk the road?

Woke up with a terrible headache. Much better after a cup of tea from Toastbox. Opened my Yahoo!mail and read this e-mail in my junk mailbox :

=== DIPLOMA/DEGREE/MASTER Programs Offer at Cheap Price ===

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What we sell:
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Hmm... I would like 2 Master's Degree and a Doctorate to go. Please wrap it up and fedex to me ASAP. Can I pay with my plastics?

Since it is Monday, I would like to bitch about something. How about idiotic people who uses the road as if they own the road? Why can't people just keep to the side of the road if they MUST walk on the road even though there are pedestrian walkways on either side? Sometimes I do give the minibus drivers the benefit of the doubt because as a driver myself, I would never expect to see an old man standing still in the middle of the road digging his nose! And then there are those old grannies who stroll across the road while the red man is on active duty.

If I'm in the gaming world (maybe... GTA IV?) I would have run over them, reverse-run over them, and then repeat the same steps until I only see a mash of red forever and ever batik-inked onto the tarmac. That's how much I hate careless users of the road.

Just finished the 1st season of Nodame Cantibile on Youtube yesterday. It was pretty tiring just to finish 10+ episodes in one afternoon+evening, even more so when it was in Japanese without any subtitles. It finished the way all happy endings should end so I didn't have to go to bed with a grumpy face. Gonna carry on with the 2nd season which will be about their stint in Paris, then on to the drama version of the show.

Quite looking forward to the new animation series LaMB on Animax. With so much hype over the series I hope it is not a big hot air balloon... The inhabitants of a harsh desert planet called Cerra have perfected a system of imprisonment without walls. Called “Lamination”, this system of virtual slavery ensures that those convicted of serious crimes remain productive, if not free, members of society. Prisoners are hence called LaMBs. The concept of laminating is good in a way especially for those sentenced to life imprisonment. Why make taxpayers pay for keeping them alive? By laminating them and setting them outside prison to work, we can harness their energy, let them work for their own food and still keep them alive.

I will not be drawn into this ethical debate bullshit since I've always believed that life imprisonment is more unethical and a waste of resources than capital punishment. Why keep a person alive but locked in a cell for years? Either you give a sentence where the person have a remote chance of seeing daylight or you just send him/her to the gallows. That's my stand~

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