Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dirt x 2

Guess what~ That dirtbag was really a headhunter! An imposter! A scum! Apparently he called alot of people all over the place and my counterpart from US office just e-mailed me informing me that the person was indeed a fake!

And throughout the day I was thinking how I was going to complain to his President about him. I'm wondering if I should ask US for their intermemo and forward it to my HR or I should just keep the teachings within my own department...

Oh well~ just glad it was another uneventful day... NOT!

Why must my life revolve around unscrupulous telemarketeers? And why must the loop always end with me??? Hopefully the next person who call will tell me that the 700+sqft unit next door will be mine for less than S$600k... Amitabha~

Hey you Headhunters! When I tell you to hunt for me, I meant for it to be big-money job openings! Not piss me off early in the morning!!!

Peace I'm going to bed~


"me-no-mad" said...

U know..in my ex-company, we have a policy that unless that person is a proven staff within the company (we confirmed via the staff directory by calling back the known mobile or ask some questions to verify), we will not reveal any staff contacts may it email nor phone. It is part of our best practices to avoid email spamming for one.

Incidentally it's a good thing that guy is bogus staff. if anyone give me that kind of attitude, I would fucking hang up the phone or pretend bad connection and hang up the phone. My logic is, FK u, I dont need any attitude from anyone esp if it aint my parents! I'm not paid enough to suffer any shit.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Policies... desperately in need of one but at the rate my HR and Admin dept is working... I think the dinosaurs would have been brought back to life by the time they come up with something.

It is always best practice to verify the contact. I try to keep my department so uptight to the extent that people find us annoying. But we have to maintain since a big chunk of info security lies with my department.

But I suspect somewhere in this planet, someone from my company in another city may have fallen into that guy's trap... Gullible creatures man can be...

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