Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools' Day~

Just installed Internet Explorer 8. I like the minor things that they have done to the browser. Never been a fan of the MSN toolbar but might change my mind with this version.

Things went pretty smoothly at work today. Alot of different issues, some human some system all manageable. And in between all those I managed to rewrite a core component of my program. Hopefully can release a working prototype by next week. No chance of finishing this week as my only staff in Shenzhen will be on leave and I will have to be over there just in case anything crops up. These days with Shenzhen having a higher staff count I guess I will be spending more time in China. Don't really mind since I get an allowance with every trip~

Satire and free speech. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Was the writer trying to be smart? Trying is the word here... He implied that Philippines is a "nation of servants". No matter how he twist his words, the damage has been inflicted. He's pure dumb, satire not at work here.

A swearing Chief Executive. Gangsters in the Legislative Council. Don't see that in Taiwan parliament these days? Come to HK~ The abundance of freedom is going to bring this SAR down~

A trip to Dubai with golf clubs @ The Tiger Woods Dubai... hmm... Interesting but not sure if I can afford it...

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