Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane... and what's this pig doing here?

Going to fly back to SG tomorrow. Not the best time to fly. Not the best time to visit an airport. Transit passengers, germ infested lounges, infected stewardesses (keep your hands off their butt). A staff just came back from flu leave. Got her to wear a mask. More than a hundred dead so far.

Doing data housekeeping on the production server. It's always best to do this type of operations over the weekend but I'm just not one to report back to work on weekends... Just have to stagger my lunch hour and do it within the hour. Better than spending an extra 30-minutes each way just to do this.

My server room is still getting killed by the lousy air-conditioning system provided by the building management. What good is a dedicated 24-hour system when it cannot go no lower than 25 deg Celsius? Well... of course it is better than no aircon but the point is we paid good money for this 24-hour supply and its not giving back our money's worth!

Wah... what a lousy day... now I really regret not bringing my PSP to work today... Managed to copy FF7 and the save data from my PS3 to my PSP. In my opinion the graphics are more suitable for the PSP as the small image concealed all the jagged 3-D images from 1st-gen playstation days.

So last night I started with C&C RA3, got frustrated then played Winning Eleven 09, drew 1 won 2 before my shower and then continued with FF7 on my bed. Gaming rhythm is really on a high... the need for speed sleep is also high on my list of priorities...

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