Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of pigs, Jackie Chan and Newcastle Utd...

Went to Shenzhen for a round of golf with my Japanese colleagues. Cool day with some drizzles here and there. It was quite fun but I hate the walking part... Where's the buggy!?! It's good to meet them outside the office as I have quite an aggressive streak in the office... but I still feel that there was a small segment of job obligation that prompted some of the participants to appear...

Been alternating between Red Alert 3 and Final Fantasy 7 on the PS3 for the past few days. It's good to get back into the rhythm of playing games. I'm sure it helped calm my nerves a little. I have more or less have gotten used to working with pigs and I'm sure I already have some antibodies against swine flu in my body...

Here's something I copied from somewhere on the internet :
"Symptoms of swine flu in humans are expected to resemble regular human seasonal influenza symptoms, including fever, lethargy, lack of appetite, and coughing. Other reported symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea."

I'm sure this swine flu outbreak is helping Jackie Chan in some way. At least he is not on the front, 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of the tabloids. I don't understand the backlash for saying what he sincerely felt was true. When he said what he said, wasn't that a great display of the freedom that Hongkongers are so proud of?
So why the criticisms? Ironic that he get whipped for saying that HK have too much freedom... Perhaps the backlash is HK's way of telling him "No, we don't have THAT much freedom, and that includes YOU!"

And finally I would like to say goodbye to Newcastle. Thank you for Shearer, Ginola and a whole lot of managerial drama. 3 points short of survival with 4 games left. Liverpool(2), Boro(19), Fulham(7) and finally Aston Villa(5) on the last weekend. Hull have Aston Villa(5), Stoke(12), Bolton(13) and Man Utd(1). By adding up the rankings of their opponents, Newcastle gets 33 while Hull gets 31. Meaning its a fair fight all the way to finishing line.

Points now :
Hull 34
Newcastle 31

Points in May 09 :
Hull 38
Newcastle 37 (Relegated)

See you in the FA Cup~


ulaca said...

You better be careful - it's young healthy people like you with strong immune systems that react most powerfully to the virus who are most at risk!

Nomad said...

yeah i agree with u abt the jackie chan bit.... well...u know a small handful of HK people, they like to think they know it all, or know better....

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