Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a dirt...

Strolled into work with a cup of tea in my hands. Pretty decent mood to start the day. Then a call spoiled it all. And come to think about it, why in the world did I get such a call?!?!

Someone from my company's US branch called at 9am and said he lost his computers while flying in from Florida. Poor guy. Didn't have the decency to handcarry his laptop. Then he called from somewhere in Japan, probably Kansai airport, because I heard some Japanese announcements in the background. He asked for the contacts of some people in Japan. Fine. I'll help him although his tone was more of commanding than requesting.

So I asked him whose contact he wanted. He told me to just follow his instructions and check my global address book in Outlook. I tried to explain to him that we have a different address book from the one he is using in US but he just didn't get it into his little skull.

The final straw came when he said the following, "Look, you just listen to me and open your Outlook. Find the address list and press these buttons... Do you need me to explain to you how to find the contacts of our staff in Japan?"

I simply blew my top, snapped, went kaboom-ed~ Next thing I know, he was threatening to tell his company's President about this whole episode before ending the call. Well he can tell Obama about it all and I won't care. He could have called Japan's office and asked for help but I suspect he cannot speak Japanese (LOSER~). He could have called someone from his own office to get help but I don't think anyone likes him (LOSER~).

I e-mailed my counterpart in US (good chap) about the incident and he apologized for the guy's actions. I guess that fellow already have a great reputation for his communication skills. Anyway, that guy's a big-time loser. And don't come threatening about complaining to your President, I don't give a damn F~ And try not to lose yourself on your trip back!


littlecartnoodles said...

You mean the genius put his laptop into his check-in luggage ???

Piang eh ...

So you verified that he really was an employee ? In my company, we have been warned about outsiders (headhunters, competitors, reporters etc) trying to get info and contacts by calling someone in the company, pretending to be from some other overseas office and going into a client meeting in a moment, and demanding names and phone numbers.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Well, there is an employee with that name but the person calling was actually a headhunter! (See my next post)

I thought he smelled fishy when he couldn't tell me whose contact he wanted. Just kept telling me to open my Outlook and find the contacts of people in Japan.

For once I am glad I have such an unaccommodating temper~ If we were on a soccer pitch... I would have wrestled him to the ground and twisted his balls into a mini-dumbbell!

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