Monday, May 4, 2009

Back from Singapore.... again and again and again~

Just back from Singapore this afternoon. Managed to get myself a couple of N95 masks from Changi Airport least I cannot find any in HK. Also a few hundred made-in-Japan face masks which dentists use... Good to see that every staff in HK airport was wearing a mask.

Not so great flight on Cathay. Food was bad on both flights. A chicken rice with chicken and rice. Not even tee bun (cucumber)? Today the flight entertainment system wasn't working well. Got visual no audio. Not too different from flying Jetstar. It's either SQ or Jetstar from now on.

I spent the time on the flight playing FF7 on my PSP. It's really the best old-school RPG in my opinion. It's really a metaphor for many real-life situations. How we are destroying the world by using up its resources. How we return to the planet after we die. Really meaningful if you dive deep enough into the game and find out the hidden meanings. I can never understand why they never come up with a sequel for this game... I'm sure they can make Sephiroth resurrect from somewhere and Aerith rise from her watery grave.... hohoho~

So back on the 30th. First to get the car. Then to fetch D. Then cabling work all over the place since the mioTV guy messed up the wires. Dinner then a short drive to Hougang Mall for some cables.

Met with a few poly friends on the 1st. Went for Bak Kut Teh at Sin Ming Road before a drink in Bishan Park. Met with the banker to sign the papers for my mortgage. Dinner at House of Seafood 180 along Yio Chu Kang Road. Had Sotong You Tiao, Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Butter Wheat Prawn and a superb chicken dish~ Sent everyone home before going for supper with the gang at Jalan Kayu. 2 pratas and 2 teh tariks. Power~

Indigestion level - Moderate. Went roaming around the north-western corner of Singapore on the 2nd of May. First to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. 4-legged scaly creatures the size of golden retrievers and poodles all over the place. Beautiful place. Lots of wildlife. Not going back anytime soon least one of those giant lizards climb up my legs...

Next up were trips to a vege farm and a goat farm. Drank goat's milk for the first time in my life. Supposed to be better than cow's milk. Might fresh and the smell was not as strong as expected.

And from Kranji we went the other direction, driving all the way to Tampines Mall, shopping at Uniqlo, playing games at the arcade and having dinner with uncle at TM's food court. I had Koo Kee's Yong Tau Foo~ There used to be this place called Funworld at Parkway Parade with a food corner and I think it was Koo Kee as well.

Indigestion level - Low. 3rd of May. Bugis Junction arcade for more gaming. Spent S$20 on games, mostly on Mario Karts. Then bought some donuts from J.Co... and also some takoyakis. Then off to Orchard Road on an SBS bus. My first SBS bus ride in a very long time. Drove Rode past the new university in the city. The newly retrofitted museum. Then walked around Ngee Ann City before driving off to Rochester Park for a look-see. Then off to Chomp chomp @ Serangoon Gardens for dinner. And it was a feast!

We had Fried Hokkien Mee, BBQ Stingray, Cockles, Popiah, Satay, Fried Kway Teow and sugar cane juice. Indigestion level - MAX. Last meal in Singapore, no point saving space in my tummy.

And before flying off this morning I had fried noodles in the airport. Well... that probably explained why I didn't take more than 2 bites of the food on the flight back to HK...


Reddie said...

Hey, you're good! Always so action & food jam-packed on your SG home trips. Even to the new Tampines One!

The HK chicken rice std always chicken & rice one lah! Otherwise real ex$$ ones which is nowhere near Kopitiam's standard at quarter or less of the price. Actually I rmb Jetstar chicken rice is almost that quality too, but then, it's flying budget, so one won't seem to mind that much.

Nomad said...

Did u tell the flight attendant about the faulty entertainment system? If they cannot get u a new seat with a working one, you know u can claim back compensation for being deprived? Next time, just keep bitching about it if it doesnt work..haaa haaa :P

WhiteDuskRed said...

Don't think bitching would have gotten the flight entertainment system to work since no one on the flight had their headsets on...

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