Friday, May 29, 2009

Bowling on Dragon Boat Festival

Went bowling @ Shatin on Tuesday night. 6 games in a row. 160-180 range. Not bad at all. And guess what... Went bowling again yesterday. Same place. 4 games and 150-190 range. My thumb is getting bigger by the day... Need to get my own ball soon. It's approximately 5-30% more expensive to buy bowling equipment here in Hong Kong but the bowling bug has struck and its a long wait before I get back to Singapore. An extra HKD200-300 to cure my addiction? Why not~

Also went to Gold Coast for a look-see and Sham Tseng for their famous roasted goose. Gold Coast will be a nice place to stay in if you have a car and no reason to enter the city daily (like for work?). Saw this big gigantic boat ship cruiser which must be 4-storey tall. 10+ Russian babes in bikini and all my best friends for my 30th birthday on that monster sounds good... I'm pretty syre it's going to cost like HKD50k-100k for an afternoon of fantasy... See something similar here for US$55,000/10days.

After trips to 3 bowling alleys and pro-shops later, we still cannot find that elusive bowling ball for S. I don't have much luck with my desired ball weight either. But these problems can be easily solved... with lots of money and lots of patience... unfortunately I'm lacking in both at the moment!

My dream ball at the moment~

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