Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crime Watch @ HK

6 months and twice I've been the target of conmen. I'm not sure if it is so because of my job title. I feel that I have done nothing wrong but having my name unlawfully used by dicks who should go to hell and reincarnate into hell just pricks me all over...

Yesterday someone tried to deliver a few boxes of fake HP printer toners. 1st mistake: My name was on the invoice. I will never order anything for the company in my name. I told the reception to reject the package.

Around 5pm someone called, introducing himself as a rep from HP. I answered the call, half expecting the caller to be the same fellow trying to deliver the goods the same afternoon. Indeed it was and the guy went on to say that they had the purchase order with my signature on it. 2nd mistake: I never use my signature in the company. Japanese companies prefer to use a name stamp instead.

Read this posting from HK Police for more details.

Maybe I will get this in Singapore. Maybe not. Maybe only IT managers in HK get this kind of creeps. Maybe not. Whatever the case it has turned 香港 into 臭港 for me...


Nomad said...


dear friend..why you soo "heng" one?

WhiteDuskRed said...

I also don't know~ Mark 6 or TOTO also never so accurate... *sighz* Oh well, take it as another lesson in life.

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