Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you have 255 friends?

Just finished the preview on MAG. Can't say I'm too excited about the prospect of playing against another 255 players online... I prefer playing with people I know, instead of names with no faces. Still can't forget the days of online co-op missions on RS6 Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon with my friends.

So... do I have 255 friends? I'll be lucky if I can find 7 friends to form a squad. 7 people who own a PS3 and living in the same time zone. Oh... and 7 people who are into this type of games...

Went bowling at Olympian City on Saturday morning. First bowl in 4 months. Pretty good scores with 180+ and 200+ even though I wasn't too serious about it. 5 games and a swollen thumb later, had Japanese udon for lunch. And the rest of the week was dedicated to gaming on Winning Eleven and C&C:RA3.

4 years late and finally we have a SQL2K5 up and running now. We stretch every hardware and software to its limit. I guess this is the type of frugality which explains why this company can survive and grow to this day. Yes we lose technological advantages when other companies deploy new technologies/software faster but they are also the first to struggle with the new toy in their hands. And thanks to those people who post up their problems to the web, I have ready answers when I need them simply by searching the WWW.

SQL2K5 question(s) of the day:
- I cannot export data to Excel.
- I can run my SSIS package but it fails when scheduled as a job.
- Don't you hate SQL2K5?
- Why can't they keep DTS as it was?

Today's SQL2K5 tip: Exporting data to Excel from SSIS.
Try using a 32-bit version of the tools. This will solve the problem of being unable to export data to Excel and various problems when using DTS packages migrated from SQL2K.

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