Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fashion in HK...

Down with common cold. Not a really bad hit. Not bad enough to stop me from hitting the bowling alley again last night. But enough to stop me from hitting the office this morning. Ok... anything can knock me enough to stop me from entering the workplace...

Had a little chat with the GP. Been visiting her for the past 4 years and she know enough of me inside out... Started chatting about the poor excuse for a face mask hanging on my face. I did inform her that I got a small arsenal of 4 x N95 masks at home and she gave me a big thumbs up. I thought the thumbs up was a joke but she was serious. She said that the common face masks will not be sufficient for the next wave.

Then topic quickly shifted to what Singapore is doing about the flu and she remarked that Singapore's stance is mature (Trying to produce enough vaccine for the entire population). She seemed a bit pissed at the non-action by the HK government.

Again, I must defend HK in this matter. HK is an SAR. Whatever allocation it gets, I think it will have to share it with the greater population of 1.3 billion fellow Chinese living in the mainland. So even if the HKGov has a plan to secure enough vaccine for everyone, it will not be wise to publicize it least the central government get a backlash from the said 1.3 billion Chinese.

But it seems like WHO is against factories producing the H1N1 vaccine... still pushing for vaccines for seasonal flu... Still no pandemic alert... Let's hope its not going to be another Europe heatwave '03.

In HK, more and more people are gearing up with facemasks. And in Mong Kok, people are slowly shifting from summer clothes to HazMat suits. Surely it is a 2-in-1 solution against H1N1 as well as acid from the sky, no?

Was in Mong Kok that day to take this lovely picture a few hours after the acid rain...

Many new games coming out for the PS3 in the next 6 months.
- Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
- Winning Eleven 2010
- Fat Princess

But the game which I really want to play now? Dragon Ball RPG on the NDS. No idea but just want to have a go~

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