Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Relegation battle... Status Quo...

My predictions are still the same. Relegation for Newcastle is nearly confirmed. Will Alan Shearer stay with them? You must be kidding!

Newcastle run-in (31pts):
vs Boro - Win (3pts)
vs Fulham - Win (3pts)
vs Aston Villa - Lose (0pt)
Total: 37pts

Hull run-in (34pts):
vs Stoke - Win (3pts)
vs Bolton - Draw (1pt)
vs Man Utd - Lose (0pt)
Total: 38pts

Bye Owen~ *wave hanky*

4 days off and all freak of nature events start popping up. Things that can go wrong on any day decided to occur over the weekend... I guess there's a Labour Day for computers as well... even the so-called dedicated air-conditioning system for my server room? That didn't surprise me a bit...

Some e-mails concerning the swine flu H1N1 preventive measures were sent to all staff in China offices. Some had external e-mail accounts and could not receive the e-mails. Apparently, after changing the e-mail headers to Japanese words (kanji), the message were successfully sent. I suspect a Great Firewall somewhere is NOT Japanese-literate.

1st Deployment of Win2k8 server w/ Sql2k5 in the office. The interface is not freaking me out but I've been procrastinating. The task of transferring jobs from the old server (Win2k with Sql2k) to this new setup is boring at best, tedious and sleeplessly frustrating at worst.

What's there to look forward to in May? A public holiday on the 28th of the month. Anything else?!?!

One of the things that came out of this trip back to SG was Tetrinet. Can remember the days when we would go crazy playing this game over and over in the school's computer labs... I have the original Tetrinet as well so drop me an e-mail if you want it! Now for someone to host a game...

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