Saturday, May 23, 2009

What happened on that day?

Went driving range today with C & S. One of the best days on the range... in not so good condition. Been raining all day long. Officially the start of long hot wet season in HK...

Went dinner at Wooloomooloo at Elements after that. Nice food from bread to dessert. In between we got red wine, mussels, crab cake, lamb cutlet and lobster bisque. In between our conversation we started talking about what happened in China 20 ears ago. Apparently S was living in Chengdu when soldiers sprayed hot lead into a crowd of students outside city hall. She felt outraged back then but now she thinks that the students were asking for something impossible (freedom, democracy) and if they didn't die then things wouldn't have been much better.

So what will happen if the June 4th turned into a successful revolution? More people dying? I guess we will never know since it never happened. But then again we will never know the true story of that fateful day 20 years ago. Was there a better way to put down the unrest? Was there a real need to put bullets sideways instead of upwards?

I guess alot of people just want the Chinese Government to come out and say yes there were killings. Yes students did die. Yes they were given directions to stop the unrest. Alot of people just don't want this page in history wiped off. Perhaps a significant number of people will be calm and logical enough to listen to their reason as to why they did that... but its not going to happen, aye?

Before coming home we popped into the Nespresso shop at Elements. Perhaps we can have one of those cool coffee-making machine in our new home... at HKD5(SGD1) per cup, its definitely much cheaper than Starbucks. The machine cost something like HKD3000(SGD600) though... Not much of a coffee drinker myself but it sure looks good.

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