Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"1 week of paid-leave if I can get H1N1 positive?"

7 days of paid-leave if I get H1N1. Offer started today. How many people will take a small risk and purposely get infected? I will... that is if I know anyone with that bug! But from what I heard, it will be more than 24 hours of dry throat + 100% energy drain + major suffering. At least I don't have to take my pathetic medical leave should I get the H1N1...

Got bowler's thumb recently. That didn't stop me from bowling! I just used my left arm instead of my right! Highest game with my left was 105 or something like that. I think I can hit the 10th pin (pin on most right hand corner) better with my left arm than my right! Went again last night and I changed my handling and release of the ball with my right arm. Worked wonders as I left the bowling alley with no extra pain/new injury.

I don't know where's the financial crisis... I see more and more colleagues with an iPhone, the HSI is charging towards 20,000 (until today...) and property agents are still pestering for my unit even though I'm asking for the sky (not really...). I'm hoping its all a bubble. I'm praying for the stock market to collapse. Praying that greedy investors will get burnt.

Finally launched the new file server. Been a hell of a trip learning SQL2k5, WinSvr2k8 and more VB/ASP.net... not to mention the little FTP 7.5 mess I've been through this morning... I'm so desperately in need of a good holiday... I'm thinking of a good 2 3-night stay in any Banyan Tree resort (with a sea view).

Maybe a good 2-hour session at the bowling alley after work will do the trip... *back to watching the slide show on Banyan Tree's website*

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