Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Are you the owner of this number XXXXXXXX?"

Everyday I will get at least one call with this opening line. You did call that number to get me on my mobile, right? Ok, so perhaps you were trying to call this number and was afraid of getting it wrong. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But why ask for my name after that? I will presume that you know who I am since you are calling me on my mobile, no?

Today I decided to answer "No". The guy on the other end was pretty taken aback as I managed to hear a slightly shocked Argh-Uh. He said sorry and reluctantly put down the phone. Within 10 seconds he was back. And I said "No" again. He was ready to put down the phone when I asked him what was it all about. He asked if I know about some investment/MPF blah-blahs. I told him no and I'm not interested.

I was ready to put down the phone when he asked if I am the owner of the phone... persistent bugger... I did say "No", didn't I? Ok, so I'm the owner but I was not going to give him the joy of knowing that he did find the owner~ So I just told him that the owner lent me the phone and so on.

And then he was ready to sell me whatever he was selling... "Sorry too busy byebye~"

*** ***

Finally uploaded the pictures from my trip to Discovery Bay last month...

And some photos taken in the wet market near our place...

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